Golden Shield No.1

  This product is a poultry mucosal immune micro-ecological preparation with the following functions:

 1. It can quickly start the mucosal immune response, increase the secretion of mucosal secreted immunoglobulin by 1.5 times, and block the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms.

 2. It can occupy and colonize the mucosa of the digestive tract and respiratory tract, improve the micro-ecological environment, and promote the development of the body's mucosal immune system and the integrity of its function.

 3. The lactic acid bacteria in this product can produce organic acids, bacteriocins and other bacteriostatic active substances, reduce the mucosal pH by 0.5-1, inhibit the growth and reproduction of various pathogenic microorganisms, and improve the resistance of poultry organisms and immunity, promote growth and function in other aspects.

 Applicable for : poultry/

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