Bio-fermentation Factory

The new department of 1440 square meters for modern bio-fermentation and probiotics preparations increased the production capacities of Baolai-Leelai to reach 100 thousand tons. In 2012, Baolai-Leelai bio-fermentation plant is fully upgraded, creating a real sense of ¡°Standardization, Information Technology, Specialization, Internationalization" factory in strict accordance of the GMP requirements for production management.


Currently Baolai-leelai owns 3 bio-fermentation GMP standards factories, 5 automatic liquid fermentation production assembly lines and post-processing equipments. It adds up to 34 sets of fermentation device, 3 sets of large-scale spray drying systems and 3 sets of large vacuum freezing-drying systems. The Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) and Bifidobacterium bacteria annual production capacity is 1000 tons, ranking first in Asia and top three in the world.


Baolai-Leelai bio-fermentation factories have all ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, are fully customers¡¯ oriented and quality management ¡°zero defect¡± make product quality fully traceable. The usage of information management control systems in the whole fermentation production lines greatly reduces operating errors, improves production accuracy and production efficiency. Baolai-leelai bio-fermentation factories insist on Animal Micro-ecology specialized production direction and pursue efforts of world-class production standards, in accordance with the "Specialization, Internationalization¡± strategic positioning for 2020 as the world's most competitive animal Probiotics and Animal Microecology technologies and solutions services Supplier.